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BagTag Golf "Drink Up"

BagTag Golf "Drink Up"

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The original BagTag Golf with a little extra fun!

The beer cards included are simple: if you win a -1 card, you hand out a beer card to another player of your choice. If you get a +1 card, you have to drink and keep that beer card for yourself.  Every time a player gets a beer card, they drink the amount you agree to before the round. These cards are added to your chain to show off who is taking the most damage.

Whats Included:

21x Cards (9 Play, 9 Beer, 1 Winner, 1 Loser, 1 Reference)

21x BagTag Golf Clips (1 extra)

1x BagTag Golf Bag

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
David Cressy
Gonna be the next big thing for casual golfers

I wasn't that into golf before purchasing this product. Now, this is one of my favorite group activities for events, weekends, or vacation. The whole set can fit in my small backpack pocket and the rules are easy to learn.

Also, highly recommend getting the drinking game expansion pack. I took mine to a bachelor party and wish I had the larger one...

Abigail Williams
Great Present

I bought one for my dad’s birthday. He got his buddies together and went out to play the next day. They didn’t even make it through the front nine before calling me excited and told me how much fun they were having.
This is a great gift for dads, family and friends who love to golf. An easy win for people who don’t know what to buy for their dad, brother or partner.

Sands Simonton
Golf isn't stressful to learn now

Go buy this you wont regret it. I never got into golf because I didn't want to spent the time on the learning curve. These cards give me another layer of game to worry about and it takes the stress of learning golf away! My friends are all good at golf but sometimes lose interest because the game can be slow paced. But they told me this product literally changed that. When they took me out to play, we played with a bunch of beer cards and it was a blast. Honestly this game makes it easier and more fun to play with people of different skill levels. As long as you can at least hit the ball....

Daniel Fowler
Essential Golf Game with Friends

Stumbled upon this product, and me and my friends have included this into every golf match since. A straightforward setup meshing a drinking game with golf. By the end of the course, we have played two games at the price of one, and oh boy, are we feeling good too. An excellent product that I would recommend to anyone that’s starting out golfing all the way to professionals!

Awesome game!

This game is awesome! Everything from the packaging to the game itself is super high quality and clearly well thought out. I bought it for a bachelor trip and everyone kept asking to use it in their group. I will defiantly have this in my golf bag from now on!