How To Play

How to Play BagTag Golf:

BagTag Golf is a game played alongside your round of golf, scored separately. It adds competitive fun without extra shots. Each set includes nine BagTags: six worth -1 point (lower score is better), and three worth +1 point. These cards are won or lost once per round, adjusting your BagTag score.

Clip the cards onto your bag to track scores easily throughout the round.



Setup: Outline which hole each card will be contested on before or during the round. Triangles for par threes, squares for par fours, pentagons for par fives. Use the card numbers to plan on your scorecard.

Competition: Seven cards are competed for once per round on specific holes and then clipped onto the winner’s bag. Two cards (first three putt and out of bounds) are in play until earned.

Objective: Aim for the lowest BagTag score like traditional golf. The player with the lowest score wins the BagTag Champion title, while the highest score earns the BagTag Bozo.


BagTag Cards:

1) Longest Drive (-1 point): Farthest drive in the fairway or longest in bounds.

2) Closest to Pin (-1 point): Closest first shot on par three.

3) Lowest Score on a hole (-1 point): Lowest score on designated hole.

4) First on Green (-1 point): First on green on designated hole.

5) Accurate Drive (-1 point): Closest drive to fairway center.

6) Longest putt (-1 point): Longest putt on designated hole.

7) Out of bounds (+1 point): First to hit ball out of bounds.

8) First 3 putt (+1 point): First to three putt on hole.

9) Farthest from pin (+1 point): Farthest first shot on par three.