About Us

BagTag Golf’s co-founders Bennett and Logan met while attending school at Colorado State University. After graduating in 2020, we were playing a round of golf and decided to make things a little more interesting on the back nine after shooting a crisp 54 and 61 respectively on the front nine (the hurricane force winds didn’t help our scores - neither did the case of beer the night before our 8am tee time). On hole 10, the longest drive in the fairway got one point. On 11, our favorite par three, the closest to the pin got a point. The first person to three putt or hit a ball out of bounds lost a point. On hole 12, the longest putt earned another point. After making up a new contest every hole to distract ourselves from the double and triple bogeys - we immediately knew we were on to something.

It took a few more years of high scoring rounds to perfect the game and figure out physical cards or “BagTags” made the game even more entertaining. We finally decided it was time to introduce the game to the rest of the golf world. We hope golfers of all different backgrounds and skill levels can get the same enjoyment we do from playing BagTag Golf.


Our Mission:

Our mission at BagTag™ Golf is to create more big shots in every round while doing our part to grow the game for future generations.

Create as many big shots as possible.

Some shots in golf mean more than others. Your birdie putt after a great approach. The tee shot on 18 when tied with your cart mate. Your second shot to the green on a par 5. These are the shots you lock in for - and ultimately the shots that make or break your round. They’re also the shots that stay with you after each round, and the reason you make another tee time the following weekend. By manufacturing more pressure-filled shots in every round, we strive to give golfers of all skill levels more chances to convert these opportunities into memorable putts in every round.

Grow the Game

At BagTag™ Golf, we firmly believe golf is the greatest game on earth. As every golfer can attest to, however, it's also one of the most frustrating sports to learn for new players. By adding an additional game to be easily played alongside your round, it gives everybody multiple opportunities to win during the round. Bagtag Golf was intentionally designed so the best golfer won’t automatically win, adding another element of competition to every round.

This game was designed so that it can be easily shared on social media. Golf content has exploded in front of our eyes with the rise of social platforms. We wanted to create a product that allows everyday golfers to share fun pictures of their round, while also giving content creators another tool in their belt while creating engaging content for the masses.

We take pride in creating fresh ways for new and experienced golfers alike to enjoy the sport together, while hopefully giving non golfers the bug to get out there and play their first round of golf with friends.